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An introduction to the magic of watercolours, using a special ingredient – Salt!

Final Piece


  • Watercolours
  • Small & medium paintbrushes
  • HB pencil
  • Flaky sea salt

Instruction Video


  1. Start by transferring the Lobster to your Sketchbook by drawing over the whole of the Lobster image with a firm HB pencil. Turn the paper over & position the Lobster on your page and scribble over the back with a lead pencil firmly, making sure it doesn’t move around too much.
  2. Fill a section with water using your size 6 brush, then add thick watercolours, oranges, reds, yellows etc.
  3. Now sprinkle some salt liberally around the area. Feel free to add a few darker red/brown touches of watercolour around the salt, them LEAVE TO DRY.
  4. Work around the Lobster trying to avoid working on two pieces next to each other (see image below).
  5. Next once the whole Lobster is dry, shake and gently rub off any excess salt, leaving behind any smaller pieces secured on by the paint.
  6. Finally add any details and definition using a thin (size one) brush, try adding tiny dots of darker colours in watercolour and white gouache and maybe some paintbrush splatters.

Reference / Transfer Material