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Thank you Wreath for delivery Drivers…

Hello lovely friends,

I have a lovey project for you…

I thought it would be wonderful to greet all the post workers and delivery drivers with a Thank You Wreath on our doors.

Here’s mine… rather hurriedly constructed (I’m sure yours will be much better!) It could be made out of paper, loo rolls, twigs, anything! There are loads of ideas on the internet to copy!

I’m lucky enough to live in the countryside, so I foraged twigs and flowers from my garden (and added some false ones in too!)

If you would like to add some fancy lettering, you could cut-out (or copy) mine below… (one for Postmen and one for Postladies!)

Then, once you have printed it out, you might like to decorate it with some pretty flowers. Here’s a reference sheet full of flowers to inspire or copy… especially useful if you are making a drawn paper wreath rather than a twiggy one!

Once decorated and cut out, either stick to your twiggy wreath (I used strong tape to secure to twigs, but any gluey stuff will work!) or attach to your home-crafted one 🙂

Don’t forget to share your wreaths to spread the love on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook… use the hashtag #ThankyouPostiesWreath

I think you will all agree that the delivery folk are keeping us fed, keeping us healthy at home and keeping us occupied.

We are still sending out Starter Kits and additional art supplies and could not keep you all equipped if it were not for our amazing couriers! THANK YOU Post workers and Delivery Drivers WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!! xxxxx