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Pop Up London in the USA (and why the cover is different)

I have had quite a few enquiries as to why the US edition of Pop Up London has a different cover to the UK edition.

The lovely people at Candlewick, decided that the Union Jack flag would not be as suitable for the US market as it would be for us Brits here the UK.

So we designed a separate cover with an emphasis on the opening Tower Bridge and the River Thames.

Book covers for the American market are often different and sadly, there is nowhere on Amazon to say that they are the same books. I often get complaints, quite rightly, from people who have ordered both books, thinking that they would be different…

So I guess the most important thing to state is that they are THE SAME BOOK INSIDE (and just as fabulous)!

Pop Up London will be published on May the 1st in the USA and is happily back in stock here in the UK.