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[quote]I put my perfectionism to one side – it was surprisingly liberating. The videos are amazing, so engaging.[/quote]


[quote]The great thing about Sketchbook Club is that it inspires you to keep pushing your skills, its perfect for s day when you are tired and want to feel happy.[/quote]

[quote]Sketchbook Club is well worth the £20. I’ve surprised myself at how well my sketches have turned out, its all down to the instructions and support that are provided by Jennie and everyone else participating in this community.[/quote]


[quote]We as a family, are working on Sketchbook Club as a way of distressing, I love the children’s creativity, they are putting in so much thought and have been so excited to follow the process demonstrated. We are all looking forward to working side by side on the next module.[/quote]


[quote]Would rather have a monthly subscription of Sketchbook Club than magazine I never take the time to read.[/quote]


[quote]You learn how to sketch in small doses – there’s a charge for the downloadable but it’s worth it because once you’ve got them you can use them over and over again, especially with the children.
It’s amazing how it grows so quickly AND how your confidence grows with i and then you get new ideas and… oh, just EVERYTHING!![/quote]


[quote]So therapeutic but more creative than the trendy adult colouring books that have swamped the shops
We’re loving it so much I cannot tell you! I have done 3-4 versions of some of the modules. What’s housework?
I just love doing these houses. Teeny details with a pen then painting for the joy of painting. Not trying to make it look like something. Not thinking about tone or depth. Not worrying about tutors marking it. Just child-like pleasure with paint and color.[/quote]

Kelly, commenting on a blogpost

[quote]I love how absorbing doing something in my sketchbook can be and the anxiety just fades away for a short while. I love to sew and feel the same way when I am doing that but drawing and painting is my new love.[/quote]


[quote]I’m trying not to rush through the modules because I don’t want it to end
It will be worth every penny to see my boys drawing again! It’s been so lovely drawing and chatting together. Thank you![/quote]


[quote]I’ve loved doing this. I’m completely hooked!
I’ve wanted to start drawing for ages and you’ve helped me conquer my fear of the blank page.[/quote]


[quote]Thank you! You are inspiring the whole family, the children can’t stop drawing.[/quote]


[quote]It’s great! you watch videos with tips, instructions and ideas, download and print off resource sheets, so relaxing and all of us totally absorbed for most of the afternoon![/quote]