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Welcome to Sketchbook Club!

What is SBC…? Why should you try it?

Jennie wants EVERYONE taking part, near or far, young or old, so she will be releasing a NEW Sketchbook club module every two weeks! This way, we can all take part and create stunning masterpieces using her tried and tested ‘cheats’ and tricks! How exciting is that?!

Here’s what The Guardian had to say in their Xmas Gift Guide:

The best present to get someone with even the slightest touch of frustrated creativity. A blank sketchbook can be intimidating, but Jennie Maizel’s course talks you through creating wonderful little works of art. Each module contains a video to explain the project, and downloadable images to use, copy or just spark your imagination. A blissful way to spend a few hours.

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Would you like Jennie to come and run a SBC with your company?