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Social Enterprise

By buying Sketchbook Club bundles, you will be supporting the Social Enterprise (see below)

Contents of the first box:

Introducing Watercolours – Three projects (Lobster, Nature Table and Teacups)

42 page full colour instructions booklet, option to watch full YouTube tutorial, A5 Sketchbook, 2 Brushes, Pencil, sharpener and eraser, tub of white gouache, a pin, black fine liner, a bag of sea salt, 3 sheets of A4 paper (for creating the projects outside of sketchbook), as set of watercolour discs and palette plus a few extra treats from Jennie 🙂 All this for only £30!

BUY A SUBSCRIPTION (Available October 2022) £120 for four bundles sent out quarterly)


We would like to introduce you to Sketchbook Club; The Social Enterprise Creating Wellbeing.

A unique and exciting tool to support your staff’s wellbeing.

Described as the “new yoga” we deliver an art pack to allow a stress-free, mindful piece of creative time. Either a moment of quiet or a fun group activity.

Developing lifelong mindful hobbies and habits is a huge aid to improving our physical and mental resilience. Art is a well-established mindfulness activity. There are many products available to encourage mindful activities, such as drawing prompts and adult colouring-in books. However, what makes Sketchbook Club unique is that you really cannot go wrong. Despite starting with a blank page you will end up with a masterpiece way beyond your perceived ability. This results is a huge sense of pride. It is empowering and enormously mood enhancing.

Over 7 years of development Jennie has refined a technique of foolproof step by step, recipe like instructions. Users are introduced to tricks and ‘cheats’ allowing them to create their own unique piece of work. The overwhelming feedback is that it is highly addictive. Sketchbook club will encourage a lifelong habit of creating art.

We will deliver quarterly art projects for you to distribute to your employees. Each quarterly pack contains an impressive array of art materials needed to support the projects, growing into an amazing collection of art supplies and a wealth of knowledge. The resources needed to complete the 3 – 4 projects are included in a full colour, beautifully designed booklet. There is also the option of watching a YouTube tutorial by Jennie.

There is no shopping, downloading or printing. You will just need a small space, a cup of water and a bit of protected and therapeutic time.

Our aim is to spread the wellbeing benefits of drawing and painting far and wide.

We are a social enterprise and will use any profits to make Sketchbook Club available to those who cannot afford to buy it.

Each annual subscription will support a sketchbook pack donation to a disadvantaged user.
All this for only £2.50 per user per week.

We invite you to invest in your staff’s wellbeing with our unique ‘creative wellness pack’ and in the process help others less fortunate, to do the same.

We look forward to working with you as you continue to support your staff.

Corporate Workshops

Let Jennie bring Sketchbook Club to your workplace, encouraging motivation, free thinking and creativity.

Jennie will guide your team through tried and tested modules resulting in fool-proof, astonishing results that your team will be incredibly proud of. Everything is provided, from printed reference sheets, art materials and examples of finished spreads. Even the most pencil shy amongst you will end up with a sketchbook they will love. Jennie inspires people to continue drawing and gives everyone ideas and instructions to carry on their new found hobby.

Here’s what Annie Sloane had to say about Jennie’s Sketchbook Club visit to Annie Sloane Paints Ltd:

Sketchbook club is right up my street, I think it was absolutely fabulous! It inspired me hugely and it was great to see how Jennie works with her sketchbooks, we had over 30 people from our group participating and they all loved it!! There were a few skeptics at first but Jennie was wonderful and gave everyone confidence.