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I firmly believe that anyone who can write their name can draw and paint. 

Unlike baking, sewing, playing music, knitting and even colouring in, it is the only creative pastime we leave behind in childhood, believing it to be an unteachable God-given talent.

However, all of the aforementioned pastimes follow instructions. We ‘cheat’ (have you ever made your own puff pastry?) and we aim for a finished piece (the cake, the knitted jumper, etc.) which we have been shown.

So why do we not apply this same approach with Art?

I am a professional illustrator, having written and illustrated many books (mostly pop-up) and selling nearly 2 million copies worldwide. But here’s the bombshell… I COPY, I TRACE and I very very rarely draw ‘from life’.

So the ‘Maizels Method’ emulates that of the other pastimes – There is a foolproof recipe, an image of what you are aiming for (like the picture of the cake) and some very clever ‘cheats’ along the way.

This results in some very powerful benefits towards psychological & emotional wellbeing.

The University of Winchester Psychology Department are conducting an academic study of my methods. Here is an excerpt from part of the ongoing study written by Dr Liam Satchell (Phd MBPsS FHEA Senior Lecturer in Psychology):

“The Maizels Method focuses on supporting individuals’ agency and autonomy, giving them a sense of control through guiding them from no assumed knowledge to a high-quality outcome. Developing self-directedness is psychologically supportive and helps the individual be better able to support themself. Going from a blank page to a developed piece of work, with someone’s own approach and identity stamped on it, is supporting their independence of self and thought.  

The Maizels Method subtracts performance-anxiety and encourages ‘flow’ and for people to be in the moment.  The end result is well beyond their perceived abilities, resulting in or then creating opportunities for pride in the final product.”  

Everything is provided: art materials, cups for water, coloured pencils in beautiful tins and high quality paper. 

I supply full written instructions (the recipe!) with each step being accompanied by a video of me, creating the project in tandem with the attendees.

A few examples of the ‘Cheats’:

– We rub the reverse of an image with chalk, draw over the image onto black paper to reveal a white template ready for painting.

– By drawing over a complicated image like a Lobster and scribbling over the back, we reveal a flawless template, where we add watercolour and salt!

– We even use a ‘magic potion’ (White Acrylic mixed with water) which bonds with the ink and transfers images to paper (this is great for packaging illustrations)

Here are some examples of finished outcomes by people who have followed my method:

I also use the same methods to hold the following workshops:

– Calligraphy

– Sign Painting

– Pop-up Card making

– Christmas Present making

– I also hold regular Colour Workshops, where we work to find each attendees personal ‘palette’ – an immersive experience, working through the spectrum and painting a large colour wheel of the colours we have chosen by discussing what each colour means to us in terms of memories, era, emotions and taste.


The average time for my workshops is 2 – 3 hours, however, I can tailor them to suit any duration.


My rate is £900ph for corporate workshops.

For non-corporate wellbeing workshops, please contact Jennie to discuss a subsidised price.

The cost for materials is included unless you wish the attendees to use brand new equipment.

Our aim is to spread the wellbeing benefits of drawing and painting far and wide.

We are a social enterprise and will use any profits to make Sketchbook Club available to those who cannot afford to buy it.

We invite you to invest in your staff’s wellbeing with Jennie’s unique methods and in the process help others less fortunate, to do the same.

Here’s what Annie Sloane had to say about Jennie’s Sketchbook Club visit to Annie Sloane Paints Ltd:

Sketchbook club is right up my street, I think it was absolutely fabulous! It inspired me hugely and it was great to see how Jennie works with her sketchbooks, we had over 30 people from our group participating and they all loved it!! There were a few skeptics at first but Jennie was wonderful and gave everyone confidence.

Here’s what Catherine Poulter, CMO of Hobbycraft have to say after their Corporate workshop:

(The Maizels Method) Is the New Yoga!
Having given up Art at 13 and working for the UKs largest Art & Craft retailer it feels a bit or a guilty confession to say can’t do
Art’ But Jennie whipped fears into excitement and the ‘can’t became a ‘can’!!!” How energising is it to find out at 46 that you can paint! I was lost in the moment, no stress of work, guilt of motherhood, all disappeared, I relaxed, had such fun and came away with an absolute masterpiece that will be treasured…this IS ‘mindfulness’ this is the NEW yoga!!! Inspiring, empowering and addictive!!!!