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Guaranteed Masterpieces for ALL ages and abilities!

How does it work?

1. Choose a module (only £4). No subscription, dip in whenever…

2. Print out the instructions, transfer and reference sheets which come with your module. (CHEATS! Shhh…)

3. Watch the YouTube video.

Each module has a video with a full step-by-step demonstration. Here are a couple of example…

The steps match the instructions and you can follow at your own pace.

There is a whole YouTube channel of videos for you to watch & learn from!

4. Buy any materials you need from Jennie’s AMAZING Art Shop!

Shop in Jennie’s Art Shop!

I am a firm believer that anyone can produce art they are proud of.

I do not subscribe to the ‘it doesn’t matter what it looks like’ school of thought. You wouldn’t say ‘it doesn’t matter what it tastes like’ when cooking!

I find it really interesting that out of all the childhood pastimes like sewing, knitting, baking and playing music, we have left drawing and painting firmly behind. If you think about it, each of these pastimes involves following instructions. You wouldn’t bake a cake without following a recipe, or knit without a pattern. So why don’t we follow instructions to learn to draw & paint? 

We also cheat a bit to ensure the best results. I mean who makes their own puff pastry? There’s no shame in copying or tracing. We illustrators do it all the time and even portrait painters often copy from photographs. So we transfer difficult images and copy examples, but we keep this bit to ourselves, ha-ha!

My methods in Sketchbook Club are completely fool-proof. Step-by-step instructions, video tutorials and secret cheats, ensure a guaranteed masterpiece I PROMISE you will be proud of! Because after all, it was a blank page to start with so all of the hard work and talent is yours and yours alone 🙂