Sky Sticky Page Markers


As soon as I saw these beautiful little page markers/sticky notes, I HAD to have them…

My teenagers have been using them for revision and they said it made them smile every time they marked a page. They are SO delightful (the page markers not the teenagers, ha-ha!) I am a big fan of the designer Duncan Shotton and am so pleased to be featuring his genius products.

Duncan says “When we find something that’s important, inspiring, or just worth noting, it’s useful to flag the page for quick reference later. The concept design for these little bookmarks came from thinking about what they could become, not just as charming things on their own but as a group.”

  • Each pack contains three stacks of fluffy cloud markers and an adorable little rainbow marker and are mounted on and presented in a simple card wrap, then placed inside a clear wrapper.
  • Each marker type comes in a stack of 20 sheets.
  • Size: 136mm* x 60mm x 3mm (pack outer dimensions)

Made by Duncan Shotton Design Studio.