So many Sketchbook Club members tell me this is their absolute favourite so I am VERY excited about sharing this beautiful Sardine Tin module with you.

It is VERY easy to create, lots of cheats and tricks and a very useful collage tip (it will change the way you collage forever!).

Lots of sparkly options too, in order to make this a really stunning and very frame-able masterpiece!

Please don’t forget to share your work using the hashtag #SketchbookClubSardines.

Have fun!

xxx Jennie



Materials needed:

  • HB Pencil
  • Rubber
  • Size one and Size 6 Paintbrushes
  • Watercolour Set
  • Scissors
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Collage materials
  • Glue Stick
  • Tracing Paper


  • Sequins
  • Gouache Paints


It's not been the easiest day here with homeschooling but onwards and upwards, tomorrow is a new day etc. My own homeschooling, however, at jenniemaizels online #sketchbookclub , is going very well indeed, in fact I'm having a lovely time! I had a go at the "Sardines" module and created my own collage drawing with watercolours, pencils and paper scraps. (John's thrilled that I cut up the road map of France just to get the word "ocean" but I would argue that we don't need that bit 😉) But so much fun! I absolutely recommend this. And I cannot draw, I mean I got a D for A level art. 😂 All Jennie's modules are free during lockdown. She's a good egg. #sketchbookclubsardines



#sketchbookclubsardines another #sketchbookclub module finished 🎨



I finally finished my sardines!
#sketchbookclub #sketchbookclubsardines #dulwichdoodledays #collageart #loveasardinetin



Working on some more grumpy sardines today….



I finished my sardines.
#sketchbookclub #sketchbookclubsardines #mindfulart #mindfulnessmatters #dailydoodle #loveasardinetin



#sketchbookclubsardines Loved this module and using different media. If you haven't tried jenniemaizels #sketchbookclub, then you are missing a treat! There are loads of modules to try, all lovely and so easy to do. #arttherapy #watercolour #sardines #artistsoninstagram #illustration #colour tunnocksuk #picoftheday #instapic



Who wants to create THIS?! I promise it’s super easy and you’ll LOVE it. It’s also a module where you’ll learn some really clever collage tips! It’s online now so you can all join in with #sketchbook tomorrow too! Don’t forget to share your #masterpiece using #sketchbookclubsardines Hope you like it! xxx Jennie



Late afternoon, after I'd done housework, packed away homeschooling stuff, dragged everyone out for a walk, fed the dog, and when both children were occupied on Xbox or phone, I thought right, it's now or never. I sat down for a quiet hour with one of the jenniemaizels online sketchbook club modules and got out the watercolours, made a start on this sardine collage. It was the best thing I did all day. #sketchbookclubsardines



YOU CHOOSE!! Which one should be the next #sketchbookclub module? Matches, Fashion, BeerMatts or British Food?? They all use a NEW SECRET METHOD which I can’t WAIT to show you! Leave your choice in comments and I’ll count them all up… Thank you! 🥰🥰🥰



Brightly coloured #collage sardines for this #sketchbookclub.
#sketchbookclubsardines #watercolours #pencil #pens #illustration sketchbookclub



Lovey @seasaltcornwall are running my #Sketchbookclub Sardine module this week! Hooray!! It’s free & over on their blog if you’d like a go xxx



I'm not a huge fan of sardines – I was often presented with them on toast for tea as a child, which I always thought was a bit weird! But – painting them is much more fun. Really enjoyed combining collage, painting and drawing in this Sketchbook Club Sardines module.
#sketchbook #sketchbookclub #jenniemaizels #jenniemaizelssketchbookclub #painting #drawing #watercolor #artistsmaterials #artsupplies #colouringpencils #collage #jenssketchbookclub #pebbles #sardines #sardinesinacan #fish sketchbookclub jenniemaizels #sketchbookclubsardines



Spent an enjoyable afternoon snipping and sticking a collaged version of jenniemaizels sketchbook club sardines. #sketchbookclub #collageart #woolrichcrafts #sketchbookclubsardines



jenniemaizels sketchbookclub Sardines drawn today. Have more but I like this one best. Black ink from meticulousink – THE nicest ink. Bit splodgy and splattery. But I like the splatter. Tempted to add some white with gouche. Next time! We have been having fun drawing sardines!

#sketch #sketchbookclub #sardines #sardinetin #jenniemaizels #meticulousink



Another #sketchbookclub module completed – livening up these grey days with jenniemaizels ‘s bright colours and fabulous way with making art accessible.
This one is a tin of brightly coloured sardines, picked out in watercolours with pencil, paper collage and sequin details.
Can’t wait until we are able to meet in person again and I can restart the #forestgate sketchbook club.



My first piece of work from jenniemaizels online #sketchbookclub 😊 Such a lot of fun to do & I’m hooked! Got 2 more lined up & they won’t be the last, I’m sure! #sketchbookclubsardines #mixedmediaart #watercolourpencils #watercolour #gouache #sardines #sardinetin #glittergelpens #gelpens



Prep for Wednesday’s Sketchbook complete. Love a sardine tin.
#jenniemaizelssketchbookclub #sketchbookclub #sketchbookclubsardines #therosendalepub #lovewestdulwich #loveasardinetin #artworkshopdulwich #dulwichdoodledays #leartopaintagain




1. What do I get?

Video – A video showing you each of the steps.

Instructions – Detailed instructions from start to finish along with the tips, techniques & clever tricks.

Reference – Handpicked (printable) reference material to inspire and assist.
Top tip – Print out the ‘Reference’ images first so that you have them in front of you whilst watching the video 🙂

Community – Details of the social media hashtag to use for the module.

2. What materials do I need?

Each module lists the suggested materials that are required for its completion.

3. How do I access the modules?

Once you have purchased a modules, you will receive an email which contains the links to the corresponding video, instructions & reference.
You can also access them by logging in and going to the My Account section of this website.

4. How long do I have access to the modules?

There is no deadline so you can take as long as you like!

5. How long does each module last?

Each module should take approximately 2 hours to complete however this can be much shorter or longer depending on your preference.

6. How can I ask Jennie specific questions?

Ask Jennie via Twitter / Facebook / Instagram or send an email to with your question 🙂

7. Can I participate from outside the UK?

Of course! The more widespread the better.

8. What is my username?

Your username is derived from the first part of your email address. E.g. ‘’ will result in a username of ‘jennie’.

9. How to give Sketchbook Club as a present?

If you would like to buy a module as a present for someone else, purchase a Gift Voucher which can then be redeemed by them on the website.

10. How to print Reference Material?

If you do not have A4, use Legal size 8.5″ by 14″.


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