Rainbow Balloon Arch Kit


Available on back-order

I am in LOVE with this kit!!

We bought this a few years ago for my (I know, I’m not a child!) birthday party!

It’s really easy to assemble and makes such an impact to a space, doorway etc. We used ours over a makeshift ‘cocktail bar’ but to be honest they look spectacular wherever they are placed; over a pile of presents, over a doorway, or as a photo-opportunity (SO instagrammable!).

They come with gold tassels to attach to each end of the rainbow (see, there IS gold at the end!).

PLUS…. my own personal addition – I hate waste and I love colour, so why throw the deflated/popped balloons away? I will include in every order a ‘how to’ sheet of some clever ideas for ways to use your left over balloons, effectively making this is zero waste products (get me!).

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did. Can’t wait for my next party now!


Made by Meri Meri.