Pop-up Ski



A very special Pop-Up Sketchbook Cub module!

This week, we’re creating a stunning snow scene of mountains and skiers in a pretty little ski village.

It’s easy to do I promise!

Make sure to watch the accompanying video and you really can’t go wrong.

I hope you love it as much as we all did!

Jennie xxx



Materials Needed:

  • 3 (or 4) sheets of A4 heavy weight paper or thin card
  • HB Pencil
  • Set of Watercolours
  • Size 1 and 6 paintbrushes
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Black Fine Liner
  • White Gouache paint
  • Double Sided Sticky-tape
  • Pair of Scissors


Last day of term treat, a #PopUp Winterwonderland in #sketchbookclub tonight! 🙂 ❄️☃🏂⛷🎿 ...

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I've neglected my sketchbook for long enough, so I've made a start on the ski resort module! .
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Ok, so I am MASSIVELY over excited about this week’s #sketchbookclub module, 1) Because it is POP UP!!! And I’ve never done an online #popup before, 2) because it took me a billion years to do, and 3) because it is SO fun and SO easy to do!! It’s only £4, what are you waiting for? What a lovely thing to do in front of a cosy fire this #Christmas! Go go go! #sketchbookclubpopupski ...

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Who wants to make a Pop Up Ski scene?
With my print-out transfers, 'walk through' video and step by step instructions, it's SO easy!
Oh and it's ONLY £4!! (no subscription necessary)
SUCH a lovely fireside wintery thing to do...
Suitable for ALL ages and abilities.
So put down your phones and pick up your pencils now! Hooray!
www.jenniemaizels.com #sketchbookclubpopupski

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Amazing #popups in tonight's #sketchbookclub. We have a few spaces for next term if anyone wants to join in! 👏🏼👏🏼💕 ...

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Who’s having a go at my very first #popup #sketchbookclub module? It’s really easy and SO fun to do! I hope you all have a go over the holidays? 👏🏻👏🏻☃️⛄️🎄 ⛷⛷#sketchbookclubpopupski ...

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Wowzers!! Look at wennster1‘s #sketchbookclubpopupski it’s AMAZING!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❄️⛷⛷⛷ ...

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