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NHS Weekly Art Club


A new weekly art session run by Jennie, exclusively for Southampton NHS staff, held at the Wellbeing Hub on Wednesdays from 5-7pm.

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Dates, times & projects are as follows:

  • Wednesday 17th April 5-7pm – Potting Shed
  • Wednesday 3rd April 5-7pm – Beetles
  • Wednesday 6th March 5-7pm – Octopus
  • Wednesday 28th February 5-7pm – Sardines
  • Wednesday 21st February 5-7pm – Coral
  • Wednesday 7th February 5-7pm – Mexican Hearts
  • Wednesday 31st January 5-7pm – Cockerel
  • Wednesday 10th January 5-7pm – Cats

Using Jennie’s Secret ‘MAIZELS METHOD’ you will create frame-able artwork week after week that you will be SO PROUD OF (guaranteed!).

Along the way you will learn amazing techniques, how to use a huge plethora of different materials, how to create hand lettering, watercolour masterpieces and beautiful collages (and much MUCH more!)

The Maizels Method is being used as a major research project by Winchester University, exploring the benefits of creating artwork well beyond your perceived ability and the empowerment and euphoria that brings!

Come along to experience it yourself.

Pay as you go but needs to be booked beforehand.

Can’t WAIT to see you there!

xxx Jennie