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When you buy this online Sketchbook Club module, you will be emailed:

  • Video
  • Instructions
  • Transfer (where applicable)
  • Reference sheets
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All you need is love, love, love – love is all you need…

We all need some joyful, peaceful creating time at the moment and what better image than this to lift our sprits?

It is SUCH a simple, relaxing module to get lost in, I didn’t want it to end (so I made three, ha-ha!).

This also makes the most beautiful card for valentines day, mother’s day or simply to show how loved the recipient is (lucky them!).

Please do share your masterpieces using the hashtag #SketchbookClubLove

Lots and lots of LOVE from me

xxx Jennie

Materials Needed
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And a sheet of A3 paper (heavy weight cartridge recommended) if creating a card of picture to frame.


1. What do I get?

Video – A video showing you each of the steps.

Instructions – Detailed instructions from start to finish along with the tips, techniques & clever tricks.

Reference – Handpicked (printable) reference material to inspire and assist.
Top tip – Print out the ‘Reference’ images first so that you have them in front of you whilst watching the video 🙂

Community – Details of the social media hashtag to use for the module.

2. What materials do I need?

Each module lists the suggested materials that are required for its completion.

3. How do I access the modules?

Once you have purchased a modules, you will receive an email which contains the links to the corresponding video, instructions & reference.
You can also access them by logging in and going to the My Account section of this website.

4. How long do I have access to the modules?

There is no deadline so you can take as long as you like!

5. How long does each module last?

Each module should take approximately 2 hours to complete however this can be much shorter or longer depending on your preference.

6. How can I ask Jennie specific questions?

Ask Jennie via Twitter / Facebook / Instagram or send an email to with your question 🙂

7. Can I participate from outside the UK?

Of course! The more widespread the better.

8. What is my username?

Your username is derived from the first part of your email address. E.g. ‘’ will result in a username of ‘jennie’.

9. How to give Sketchbook Club as a present?

If you would like to buy a module as a present for someone else, purchase a Gift Voucher which can then be redeemed by them on the website.

10. How to print Reference Material?

If you do not have A4, use Legal size 8.5″ by 14″.


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