Sketchbook Club Course Gift Voucher



What a lovely present!

The full Sketchbook Course for a friend or loved one to enjoy, they will gain confidence whilst creating stunning Sketchbook pages following Jennie’s four modules.

The lucky recipient will receive a voucher whose redemption gives them access to:

  • The four video tutorials.
  • The printable reference sheets for each module.
  • And of course fully fledged membership to Jennie’s Sketchbook club, where they can take part in Jennie’s twitter Q&A sessions and share their work on Instagram with the given hashtags.

Lucky them!

How it works:

  1. Add to cart.
  2. At check-out you can choose to have the voucher emailed directly to the recipient or to receive it yourself.


  • If you decide to receive the voucher yourself, you can then provide it to them independently. This may be preferable if you would like to send it on a particular day or would like give them something else with the voucher (e.g. art materials).
  • The voucher is simply a code which can be easily printed or emailed.
  • If you order Art Materials as well, we will add a print-out of the voucher image to the gift wrapped items for you (all orders are gift-wrapped).
  • The voucher must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase.
  • The voucher may only be used for Sketchbook Club Courses and not for other products on the site.