I adore collage and embellishments and I feel it is under-used in today’s image making.

Indian art has long been known for vibrant colours and bejewelled art and the Elephant is a widely celebrated subject.

So what better introduction to some sparkly collage than this stunning illustration.

We loved this module in my studio Sketchbook Club and I hope you love it too!


Good Luck! Xxx



You will need:

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And also:

  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue (also called Craft or School Glue)
  • Coloured fine liner pen
  • Sparkly/metallic paper, sequins etc.


You may also want to use:

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And Tracing Paper!


Finished the #sketchbookclubelephant module tonight. Loved this one, so much fun! 🐘 #sketchbookclub #sketchbookclubonline #sketchbook ...

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I had a lovely afternoon yesterday working on this elephant. He is painted in gouache and adorned with Tunnock’s teacake wrappers and sequins 🐘
#sketchbookclubelephant #jenniemaizelssketchbookclub #collageelephant #mindfulart #mindfulnessmatters #learntopaint

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How fabulous is this? It was done by a great friend of mine who hadn’t drawn or painted anything since school (30 years ago)! Do not fear the blank page - Sketchbook Club can show you how to paint and draw! I love the orange 🧡
helena_deeney #sketchbookclubelephant #eastdulwichartclass #learntopaintagain #learntodraw #learntopaint #mindfulnessmatters #eastdulwichlife

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So many beautiful #sketchbookclub posts flooding in! But this one really stood out, how gorgeous is h.fry’s #sketchbookclubelephant ?! I love it so much, I can’t stop staring at it! 💕🐘 ...

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Next #sketchbookclub module is UP! It’s a wonderful sparkly #elephant! I hope you like it, can’t wait to see them all! #sketchbookclubelephant ...

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So I had time to finish my elephant today 🤸‍♀️#sketchbookclubelephant
#collageelephant #collageart #mindfulnessmatters

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It’s UP! #sketchbookclubelephant is the next online module!! Includes a really useful ‘secret’collage tip and full video instructions! I really hope you like it! xxxx #sketchbookclub P.S Have you subscribed to my YouTube Channel yet? (Jennie Maizels’ Sketchbook Club) See all the videos - plus extras & soon to be released ‘sketchbook Cub Tips’ Woohoo! 👏🏻👏🏻💕 ...

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Decided to have another go at my #sketchbookclubelephant as a present for a friend, have you tried this one? It’s so fun! (Spot the @tunnocksuk!👍🏻😂) ...

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It’s the weekend it must be time for the utterly wonderful jenniemaizels #sketchbookclub and I had sooo much fun creating this Indian folk art elephant! I’m learning so much from these online modules and they are an absolute bargain at £4 each. I would also highly recommend Jennie’s sparkly things kit for this project, which you can get through her website. It’s just perfect to put the finishing touches on this #sketchbookclubelephant
Toy elephant provided by the wee one.
#amdrawing #ampainting #amlearning #folkart #elephant #elephantpainting #elephantcollage

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A beautiful elephant created by one of the Sketchbook Club attendees. 🐘 I love this.
#sketchbookclubelephant brittain.victoria

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