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Colour Pencil Set



After literally years of searching, Jennie had finally found some pencils she is happy with. Not only that but Jennie says they are even BETTER than the ones that she has been using for years.

Koh-I-Noor Polycolor Art pencils comprise a range of soft, blendable colours with good lightfastness and high pigmentation.

Polycolor is renowned for its soft waxy lead which is comparable to Prismacolor pencils.

These lovely pencils have a classic hexagonal barrel coloured to match the lead colour, with dipped gold end and white band. The 3.8mm lead is cased in quality cedar.

Metal tin of 24 colours comprising No.1 Titanium White, 3 Chrome Yellow, 4 Dark Yellow, 5 Reddish Orange, 6 Vermilion Red, 7 Carmine Red, 8 Bordeaux Red, 10 Persian Pink, 11 Light Violet, 13 Medium Violet, 17 Cobalt Blue, 18 Light Blue, 19 Sapphire Blue, 20 Prussian Blue, 22 Yellowish Green, 24 Pea Green, 25 Meadow Green, 26 Dark Green, 29 Light Ochre, 30 Reddish Brown, 32 Natural Sienna, 33 Dark Brown, 35 Platine Grey and 36 Ivory Black.