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I absolutely love cacti and succulents. They’re the only house plants we have in our house (and haven’t killed yet!).

I adore their quirky shapes and spiky leaves, they are SO lovely to draw!

I think you’ll really enjoy the simplicity of this module and hopefully you’ll become as obsessed as I am with coloured pencils on top of watercolours too!

Don’t forget to share your Cactus creations using the hashtag #SketchbookclubCactus

Good Luck! Xxx



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Another Sketchbook club done - one from a while ago that I never got around to doing! A good way to spend Morhers' Day, when covid stopped me from doing much else.
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Trying to find time for myself again amidst the #lockdown weirdness and the second job that never ends (aka home educating) - so I've been attempting to draw every day. I've never felt very confident in drawing, but have loved joining in with DD on the #drawwithrob classes, so I thought I'd invest more time and energy in learning more technique and also just practising drawing and painting more regularly. It is often difficult for me to get started on things like this and I've spent quite a few weeks looking at how-to-draw books and courses and tutorials, without doing anything, apart from imagining myself drawing! So glad to have found #sketchbookclub, which gives just the right amount of framework and guidance, but still leaves room for individualisation. Here's tonight's effort - the beginning of what will hopefully be a watercolour from the #sketchbookclubcactus module. ...

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Some 🌵 doodles, I think I will cram in some more cacti in the spaces later 😀

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Having fun tonight with jenniemaizels #Sketchbookclubcactus module. Would anyone be interested in an #eastlondon #sketchbookclub ? Am looking to set one up based on Jennie’s genius (and very doable) ideas. Message me if you want to be a part of it! ...

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Received this awesome photo from the mum of my Year R After School Art Club artist... her daughters Sketchbook Club cacti painting, in a matching green frame. It made me feel really proud, my aim was always that your child brings home art you want to frame and keep, I think I succeeded here. Thanks for sharing.


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LOVE adding #colouredpencils to paint, who’s had a go at the #sketchbookclubCactus module? It’s one of my favourites! 💕🌵 #cactus #timelapseart ...

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It’s UP Folks!!! #sketchbookclubCactus is the NEW MODULE! Woohoo! I’m surrounded by them here in Mid California so it just HAD to be this! Folks, how impressed are you that I managed to not miss a release whilst on holiday? (High five ME!) I hope you like this one, we LOVED it! xxxx ...

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How gorgeous is this #sketchbookclubCactus by wennster1 Love it! ...

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LOVE _doh_a_deer_ ‘s beautiful #sketchbookclubcactus painting!! It’s the latest module, who else has had go? It’s a lovely one to do! 🌵🌵👏🏻👏🏻💕💕 #sketchbookclub ...

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How beautiful is this #sketchbookclubcactus masterpiece?! It’s by holly_pips and I LOVE it! Don’t forget to email me your choices if you’d like to try some modules for free to help during lockdown! Lots of love xxxx ...

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Look! Just look at sonia62’s BEAUTIFUL #sketchbookclubcactus module! Isn’t it gorgeous?! 🌵 🌵 👏🏻👏🏻💕 ...

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