I absolutely love cacti and succulents. They’re the only house plants we have in our house (and haven’t killed yet!).

I adore their quirky shapes and spiky leaves, they are SO lovely to draw!

I think you’ll really enjoy the simplicity of this module and hopefully you’ll become as obsessed as I am with coloured pencils on top of watercolours too!

Don’t forget to share your Cactus creations using the hashtag #SketchbookclubCactus

Good Luck! Xxx



Materials needed:

  • HB Pencil
  • Watercolour set
  • Size 1 and size 6 paint brushes
  • Set of Coloured pencils


It’s UP Folks!!! #sketchbookclubCactus is the NEW MODULE! Woohoo! I’m surrounded by them here in Mid California so it just HAD to be this! Folks, how impressed are you that I managed to not miss a release whilst on holiday? (High five ME!) I hope you like this one, we LOVED it! xxxx ...

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Some 🌵 doodles, I think I will cram in some more cacti in the spaces later 😀

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Having fun tonight with jenniemaizels #Sketchbookclubcactus module. Would anyone be interested in an #eastlondon #sketchbookclub ? Am looking to set one up based on Jennie’s genius (and very doable) ideas. Message me if you want to be a part of it! ...

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🌵🌵🌵#sketchbookclubcactus sketchbookclub #sketchbookclubonline ...

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Look! Just look at sonia62’s BEAUTIFUL #sketchbookclubcactus module! Isn’t it gorgeous?! 🌵 🌵 👏🏻👏🏻💕 ...

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LOVE _doh_a_deer_ ‘s beautiful #sketchbookclubcactus painting!! It’s the latest module, who else has had go? It’s a lovely one to do! 🌵🌵👏🏻👏🏻💕💕 #sketchbookclub ...

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Enjoying some holiday time catching up on #sketchbookclub modules. Tonight its #sketchbookclubcactus #art #therapy #artistsoninstagram #drawing #painting #colour #doodles #picoftheday #instapic ...

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