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This is a really special module, two for the price of one!

Everything you need to create your own beautiful Botanical Illustration, either a stunning depiction of a Leek, or a gorgeous tribute to Tomatoes… or both!

You will also learn some great tips of how to achieve professional looking illustrations of vegetables and leaves using Gouache and coloured pencils.

It’s one of my personal favourites, so I do hope you love it as much as us!

Happy Painting!

xxx Jennie



Materials needed:

  • Prince of Black paper or card
  • HB Pencil
  • Set of Gouache Paint
  • Size 1 and size 6 paintbrushes
  • Set of coloured pencils


  • White gel pen
  • Chalk and biro for transferring
  • Little watercolour sponge for painting flowers


Ooo my #tomatoes look just like my #sketchbookclubbotanicals painting! Have you tried this one? It’s SO lovely to do (& super easy I promise!) 🍅🌿🌱xxx ...

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🍅 🍅 🍅
Join us at the Rosendale Pub on Wednesday for the next Sketchbook Club session if you’d like to try your hand at painting tomatoes.
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Join us for a fun botanical themed Sketchbook Club on Wednesday. We get to try painting on black paper 👩‍🎨 I found painting on the paper trickier but with a few little hints you can achieve some good results. My son also joined in - although he went for a super hero theme 🦸‍♂️ #sketchbookclubbotanicals #whattodoonawednesdaynight #dulwichdoodledays #learntopaintagain #paintingandprosecco #mindfuldoodles #mindfulart #mindfulnessmatters #westdulwichartclass #lovewestdulwich #therosendalepub ...

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Absolutely stunning artwork being created at this week’s Sketchbook Club!
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Painting and Prosecco - a work in progress at Sketchbook Club on Wednesdays at the Rosendale. #sketchbookclubbotanicals #therosendalepub #whattodoonawednesdaynight #artastherapy #mindfulart #mindfuldoodles #artworkshopdulwich #arounddulwich #lovewestdulwich #lovewestnorwood #lovecrystalpalace ...

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Exciting news!! The NEW #Sketchbookclub module is UP! We’ll be creating these beautiful #Botanical illustrations in tonight’s Sketchbookclub (The FIRST in my new studio!!) so pop along now to my website and download (for only £4!) and you an create with us this evening!! It’s a really satisfying one with tonnes of ‘cheats’ and tricks, I hope you like it! 👏🏻👏🏻 🌱 Happy Illustrating! 😘💕#sketchbookclubbotanicals ...

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Tonight in #sketchbookclub we're painting #botanical #illustrations 👏🏻🌿🍎🍅🍃 ...

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Just look at all these amazing #botanical #illustrations in tonight's #sketchbookclub !Stunning work folks!! 👏🏻👏🏻🌿🍃💕 ...

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Oh my gosh what a wonderful evening and what STUNNING work!! I hope you have a go at this module -#sketchbookclubbotanicals it’s a really lovely one! (It’s online now!) It was SO lovely showing everyone round the new house and christening the new studio, thank you so much everyone! 👏🏻👏🏻💕 #Sketchbookclub #botanical #botanicalillustration ...

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Who’s tried #sketchbookclubbotanicals ? Some lovely ones being shared already! We use some (top secret!) tricks to create this module, it really is easy I promise! Only £4 & you receive an email with full instructions, ‘transfers’ and walk through video... I hope you try it too! xxx #sketchbookclub ...

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1. What do I get?

Video – A video showing you each of the steps.

Instructions – Detailed instructions from start to finish along with the tips, techniques & clever tricks.

Reference – Handpicked (printable) reference material to inspire and assist.
Top tip – Print out the ‘Reference’ images first so that you have them in front of you whilst watching the video 🙂

Community – Details of the social media hashtag to use for the module.

2. What materials do I need?

Each module lists the suggested materials that are required for its completion.

3. How do I access the modules?

Once you have purchased a modules, you will receive an email which contains the links to the corresponding video, instructions & reference.
You can also access them by logging in and going to the My Account section of this website.

4. How long do I have access to the modules?

There is no deadline so you can take as long as you like!

5. How long does each module last?

Each module should take approximately 2 hours to complete however this can be much shorter or longer depending on your preference.

6. How can I ask Jennie specific questions?

Ask Jennie via Twitter / Facebook / Instagram or send an email to with your question 🙂

7. Can I participate from outside the UK?

Of course! The more widespread the better.

8. What is my username?

Your username is derived from the first part of your email address. E.g. ‘’ will result in a username of ‘jennie’.

9. How to give Sketchbook Club as a present?

If you would like to buy a module as a present for someone else, purchase a Gift Voucher which can then be redeemed by them on the website.

10. How to print Reference Material?

If you do not have A4, use Legal size 8.5″ by 14″.


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