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#SketchbookClubRobin – A Christmas treat from Jennie!


Are you all feeling festive?

I am SO excited to be sharing with you a little Christmas treat…

Here you will find everything you need to create a BEAUTIFUL Robin Christmas Card with lovely hand lettering.

As always, anyone ANYONE can do this, from 5 to 105…

You will need: good quality paper, a pencil and rubber, watercolours, two paintbrushes (size 1 and 6) and some coloured pencils. You may also like to add details with a white gel pen.

To make things easy, I have put together a little pack for you on my online shop.

You can watch my Youtube Tutorial showing you how to make your Robin cards here…


Now you have watched the tutorial, you are ready to start!

So… Fist of all, print out your reference sheets (you will need one per person):

Once you have printed out the reference sheet above, start to transfer your images…

Firstly draw over your chosen lettering in pencil. Then, turn the paper over & scribble firmly on the back transferring the lettering onto your paper. Next, transfer your Robin!

Draw over the paler image of your chosen Robbin, using an HB pencil. Next, as with the lettering, turn the paper over and scribble firmly on the back.

Now it’s time to add colour! Use the brighter coloured Robbins as reference (as these are the ‘right way round’).

Try a watercolour base with pencil or pen detail when paint is dry. You could do what I did and add white gel pen details too.

Finally, looking carefully at the reference you can add little sprigs of holly and snowflakes in any gaps 🙂

Here are a couple I created:

But in the end I chose this one as my final Christmas card to print ott…

I scanned in the image using my home scanner at a DPI of 300.

I then positioned the image all squashed up on the right, onto A4 paper using Photoshop – like this:

This way, you can fold the paper and cut them out into cards, minimising the paper use.

Three per A4 is quite small! But I liked them as dinky little cards, you may prefer to position then differently, or print them out same size and stick them onto Card.

I really can’t WAIT to see your creations!

Don’t forget to share them using the hashtag #SketchboookClubRobin and I will share my favourites on Instagram!


Lots of love from Jennie xxxx