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Press coverage update (I know, its been ages!)

I MUST blog more, I must I must! It is just sometimes hard when you are a one woman show, but no excuses now, I am at my desk and ready to tell you about some great press exposure we’ve had recently.

A short while ago, we had the most wonderful feature in The Guardian about how to bring out your inner artist- featuring Sketchbook Club! Hooray!

It was such a lovely piece and we had an overwhelming response from it (waves at all the new followers/users/subscribers!).

You can read the full article here

We also had a sweet little piece in Yours magazine, one of my Sketchbook Club members was asked what she did creatively in her retirement and she very Kindly told them all about Sketchbook Club. She made a really good point that she now makes a lot of her cards as a result of learning how to paint and draw, hooray for Sketchbook Club and thank you so much Ann! xxx

We also had a nice mention in Bath Life magazine for our Circus patches, which are stocked in the wonderful Children’s shop in bath, Spotty Herberts. If ever you are in Bath, do check them out, it is honestly the loveliest Children’s shop I have ever been to!

So… I promise I will try and Blog more, especially as we are getting to that point where we choose FUN things for our house (we’re building a house, yup, a whole new house – scary!). Until my next post, have a lovely week and keep on showing me your Sketchbook Club masterpieces!

xxxxx Jennie