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Why we’ve re-branded…

Jennie Maizels Iron-on Patches logo

You may have noticed that Clothes Plasters have changed their name to ‘Jennie Maizels Iron-On Patches’… but WHY? Clothes Plasters was a lovely name and it worked and was a nice nod to real plasters and to mending and salvaging… but (and it’s a big but) Clothes Plasters as a name, was stopping us from exporting to other countries and if we want to produce more lovely patches, we need to expand (global domination!!)

For example, in the USA, there really isn’t a word for Plasters, it made no sense, this is true for Japan (we now have a Japanese distributor, hooray!), Europe and the rest of the world.

The other thing is that people were still confusing them with actual plasters, this is not because they were stupid; people (like me) shop in a hurry and haven’t really the time to ‘get’ a product. Out last trade show was the first one where we were not asked once “So what exactly are they?”…

Anyway, I hope you’re not too disappointed and that you like our new packaging (we think its clearer and brighter too)!

Lots of love xxx Jennie

 Jennie Maizels Iron on POAtches singles