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Little Boys and Little Girls…

Little Boys and Little Girls

Ok, so we have been faced with a dilemma, and we wanted to share our decision with you…

Our two bestselling products, the Little Girls and the Little Boys sets of patches (previously the ‘Pink and blue’ tins) has prompted a few people to get in touch via Twitter, about the fact that making them Gender specific isn’t such a great idea.

So, we wanted to change the names but just couldn’t come up with anything that fitted the description accurately of the patches in the packs. We also talked to some of our key buyers and ran past them some of the suggested replacement names, but they said they would hesitate to re-order if the names were changed to any of the ones we suggested.

Here are some of the rejected names: Boys sets: Toy Box, Little Adventurers, Little Explorers, Story Book; and for the Girls set: Fairy Tales, Make Believe, Fairy & Friends etc…

So, if anyone can think of a name that truly encapsulates ALL of the patches (it was bought to our attention that the Plane and the Dino for example didn’t fit the toy box theme adequately) then we may consider a name change.

In the meantime, we have to keep them as they are (as they are our bestsellers)

We had no complaints about the Little Girls sets, it was all about girls wishing to buy Robots, Rockets & Pirates, but being put off by the name, so we have made them into singles to be bought separately.

I hope you all understand and that if your little girl likes the patches in the boys set, she can now buy them as individuals.

Thank you! xxxx Jennie