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CDU! (That’s a ‘Counter Display Unit’ to you and me…)

The fabulous chaps at inprint ( have done a wonderful job.
With 6-7 actual patches attached, they will be ready to send out in a few weeks.
We’re hoping this will help shops consider selling them at their tills like all our ‘best sellers’ do…
I’m working on some new ranges for Clothes Plasters as I write, so watch this space!

1 thought on “CDU! (That’s a ‘Counter Display Unit’ to you and me…)”

  1. Some embroidered logos are on the 'front' of some fleeces,jackets etc. e.g. our sailing club merchandise.
    My wife has one such item. The problem lies with the horrible appearance of the reverse of the club logo stitching on the so called reversible jacket.
    If you are addressing new designs, maybe there is a market here for you to exploit?
    We would appreciate a benign sort of iron-on to hide the stitching and enable the reverse option.

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