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The problem with loving colour….

So, we are building a house. A whole new, completely from scratch, house.

We are insanely lucky to have a plot of land at the back of our house with lovely views, so we will be selling our house, renting for a year and then moving into the new house, simple, right? It’s going to be completely stress-free and completely enjoyable. Just like it always is on Grand Designs, haha.

We are at the stage where we are choosing kitchens and bathrooms, this is, I admit, completely thrilling. Having put up with a 1980’s kitchen for 10yrs, I can’t wait! So, we visit showroom after showroom, talk to kitchen designer after kitchen designer, but (and I know I am THE fussiest person on the planet) I just do not like anything. Nothing. It’s embarrassing. I pretend to like things, nod approvingly, but am I that different? Why does nothing make me excited?

I thought about it, I thought about it hard and it occurred to me that at no point in any of the showrooms or meetings did I see any colour. I mean actual proper colour, not terracotta, moss green or dark blue, I mean sunshine yellow, coral pink and vibrant teal. Where. Are. The. Colours?

I went onto a big flashy showroom and stood in the middle and honestly, if someone had told me it was a showroom for medical schools, mortuaries and science labs, I would have completely believed them. Everything has become so clinical. Why are we so afraid of colour?

So, after extensive research, I have stumbled upon a few pioneering companies who have dared to be different, dared to introduce small, da da daaaaaa….. splashes of colour!

I have decided, that the world needs to know about them, and as I like the idea of sharing, I am going to document my findings throughout the house build, here on this blog.

My first discovery were these fabulous sinks from Villeroy & Boch. The bathroom basins come in really nice shapes and have a collection of carefully chosen (and spot on, in my opinion) colours.

I’m thinking of this pink one, or perhaps the blue, imagine what fun you’d have choosing tiles to match (more on that later).

I was also shown (by a kind twitter friend) THIS:

I am waiting to hear back from Aston Mathews as to whether it is available still, I really really hope it is.

Bathroom cabinets are always white or wood, so I salute Duravite for these gorgeous coral pink units. Maybe paired up with a teal coloured sink? Now this, gets me excited, I can get very very excited about this…

So my friends, I will keep searching for colour, I will keep thinking of ways to inject life into our new build and I will keep you informed! More soon….  xxx Jennie