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Checks And Dogs And Rock And Roll!


I have finally been given permission to tell the world what I have been working on for so long…  the wonderful chaps at Linwood, identical twins Barny and Warrick Gloyn, gave me the hugely enviable and rare position of having completely free reign on the design of a range of fabrics. They wanted the range to be entirely my creation and be true to my vision. They were an absolute joy to work with and I really hope I will be lucky enough to continue doing so in the future…

And so I began. My only reference trip was to the fabulous Royal Signals Museum in Dorset to design the ‘Control Freak’ artwork. Other than that I was well and truly glued to the drawing board and I have to say I loved every minute of it.

So without further a do, may I introduce my very first and very own fabric collection…… ‘Checks And Dogs And Rock And Roll’

‘London Town’ (Boys And Girls)

‘Babushkas’ & ‘Robot And Friends’


‘Dream Room’ & ‘Control Freak’

‘Letter To The Circus’ ( Boys & Girls)

‘Rock n’ Roll’ & ‘Shoes And More Shoes’

‘Keep Out!’

‘London Checks’, ‘Good Checks’, ‘Diner Checks’ & ‘Bad Checks’

‘The Race’ & ‘Doggie Sports Day’

Warrick and I spent a day in London checking out the existing children’s fabrics on the market. We were surprised to find that all we came accross were nursery fabrics, fairies or dinosaurs and very little else. We decided that there was a huge gap for a range that would appeal to all ages (my 10 year old daughter is desperate for ‘Letter To The Circus’ curtains and my friend’s teenage boy has his eye on ‘Keep Out!’).

The range will be launched by Linwood at Decorex in September 2011.

All Trade enquiries please contact Linwood Fabrics.

15 Headlands Business Park. Salisbury Road, Ringwood. Hampshire BH24 3PB

Tel:  (0044) (0)1425 461176

All Press enquiries please contact Teacake Tuesday:

4th Floor, 70 St John Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4DT

Tel: 020 3195 1424

The above images are my artwork only. The fabrics are being printed as I write. As soon as I have the ‘real thing’, I will upload some more pictures!

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    1. – Congratulations on your new faribc .lovely!Building a faribc stash does take time. It’s nice if you can afford the best designer faribcs but sometimes you can find very nice faribc at Wal Mart just as nice. I love making scrappy quilts and projects so I save every last scrap in one place.Happy Quilting!!November 2, 2010 2:41 am

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