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Corporate Workshops


Jennie has held corporate workshops for many years, from the British Embassy in Ankara, to the board of directors of Hobbycraft. Every session results in astonishment at the impressive outcomes achieved. The finished masterpieces are way beyond the attendees perceived ability, with empowering and confidence building results. Your team will be amazed at what they can achieve.

What is so special about The Maizels Method?

  • Encourages candid conversations within the group as eyes are focussed on painting and mind is in a ‘flow state’.
  • No apprehension or fear right from the start, resulting in deep mindfulness.
  • Every outcome is beyond the creator’s perceived ability, creating endorphins, empowerment, and pride.

How does it work?
The sessions usually comprise of 2-3hour workshops but can be tailored to any duration. All materials are provided, (if long distance then supplies will be delivered prior to the workshop). Depending on the session size, Jennie will either guide attendees through each step with or without video support. Participants literally follow a recipe. There is also the option of framing outcomes once completed (Jennie will supply frames).

The Maizels Method starts with a ‘transfer’ of some kind, followed by detailed directions to ensure that absolutely everyone can create a masterpiece to frame and hang in their home. Here is an example of the method is practice:

1. Draw around the lobster outline.2. Turn over the page and scribble on the back.3. The image is now transferred.4. Enjoy painting and the end result!

“Having given up art at 13 and now working for the UKs largest art retailer, it feels a bit of a guilty conscience to say ‘I can’t do art’. But Jennie whipped fears into excitement and the ‘can’t’ became a ‘can!!!’ How energising is it to find out at the age of 46 that you can paint! I was lost in the moment, no stress of work. I relaxed, had such fun and came away with an absolute masterpiece that will be treasured… This IS ‘mindfulness’. This is the NEW Yoga! Inspiring, empowering and addictive.”

Katherine Poulter – Commercial Director Hobbycraft

Hobbycraft Board of Directors