Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

Let Jennie bring Sketchbook Club to your business, encouraging motivation, free thinking and creativity.

Jennie will guide your team through tried and tested modules resulting in fool-proof, astonishing results that your team will be incredibly proud of. Everything is provided, from printed reference sheets, art materials and examples of finished spreads. Even the most pencil shy amongst you will end up with a sketchbook they will love. Jennie inspires people to continue drawing and gives everyone ideas and instructions to carry on their new found hobby.



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Here’s what Annie Sloane had to say about Jennie’s recent Sketchbook Club visit to Annie Sloane Paints Ltd:

[quote]Sketchbook club is right up my street, I think it was absolutely fabulous I only wish I had more time to carry on with it! It inspired me hugely and it was great to see how Jennie works with her sketchbooks, we had over 30 people from our group participating and they all loved it!! There were a few skeptics at first but Jennie was wonderful and gave everyone confidence.[/quote] [/threecol_two_last]