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Introducing Pop-Up Shakespeare!

One sunny day I was driving in my car, deep in thought. What pop-up book shall I create next? I was midway through Pop-Up New York and needed to start thinking about my next project.

It needs to be theatrical, splendid and entertaining, I thought. Then, it popped (no pun intended) into my head like a flash. A pop-up Shakespeare book! Immediately, I knew that The Reduced Shakespeare Company needed to write it.

Believe it or not, I remember seeing their show on what was my first proper date with my now husband! I remember laughing so hard my tummy hurt, I remember marvelling at the pure genius of the concept and how cleverly and hilariously it was executed. I’ve since taken my children to see their show and was amazed at how it worked on so many different levels, they too laughed until their tummies hurt!

So, on returning home from my drive, all excited, I sent The Reduced Shakespeare Company a tweet, it said “please can I email you an idea, I’m not a weirdo” (I was worried they might think I was, naturally, haha!)

Because of the time difference, by the time they replied saying “Sure!” I had written my pitch.

Happily, Austin Tichenor, one half behind the RSC, had many of my books and was aware of my work (phew!), so he was on board instantly.

We were soon Skyping away excitedly plotting and planning.

Reed Martin (the other half of the Reduced Shakespeare company) lives in California and Austin Tichenor in Chicago (and me in the middle of nowhere in Hampshire!) but it completely worked! Skype, email, phone, Twitter, Instagram and only ONE in-person meeting was all that was needed, geography didn’t make any difference at all. In fact, it has been one of the most stress-free, happiest books I have ever worked on.

Austin and Reed are true comedians, SO SO FUNNY! Just listen to one of their Podcasts if you want proof.

It was hugely important to me that the book made people laugh. Once, by coincidence, my husband and I both packed The Reduced Shakespeare Company’s ‘orange’ book on holiday. The two of us spent the whole holiday chuckling out loud and reading bits out to people, it was absolutely hilarious.

Austin and I are fresh back from what was a truly wonderful book launch, hosted by The Shakespeare’s Birth Trust, Austin has recorded a special Podcast about the event and The Birth Trust took some fabulous photos….

The book is now officially available EVERYWHERE, I am super proud of it and I really hope you all like it (and laugh a lot!) as much as we do!

Lots of love xxxx Jennie

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Pop Up London in the USA (and why the cover is different)

I have had quite a few enquiries as to why the US edition of Pop Up London has a different cover to the UK edition.

The lovely people at Candlewick, decided that the Union Jack flag would not be as suitable for the US market as it would be for us Brits here the UK.

So we designed a separate cover with an emphasis on the opening Tower Bridge and the River Thames.

Book covers for the American market are often different and sadly, there is nowhere on Amazon to say that they are the same books. I often get complaints, quite rightly, from people who have ordered both books, thinking that they would be different…

So I guess the most important thing to state is that they are THE SAME BOOK INSIDE (and just as fabulous)!

Pop Up London will be published on May the 1st in the USA and is happily back in stock here in the UK.

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Top Drawer Spring 2012

It’s that time of year again! After weeks of planning and panicking as to whether the cushions would be with us in time (they arrived the day before the show!) it’s finally up and running.

Sadly I am unable to go as it clashes with my daughters 11+ exam and family comes first… So I am home alone nail-biting and worrying, whilst Melissia and Marcus hold fort.

So sorry to miss you all and apologies for not being there in person, I will definitely be at Top Drawer in September (and Decorex!)

Hope those going enjoy the show and do say hi to Marcus and Melissia for me! X Jennie

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POP UP LONDON – Pre Launch Preview

Finally, I am allowed to show you all how my Pop-Up London book will look!

When the book is turned around, as you can see, there is oodles of information about each building, secrets, facts and plenty of typical teenie weenie detail!

At the very last minute, we had to change the appearance of the Royal Couple on the balcony, although it is tiny in the book, we all agreed that is just had to be Will and Kate…

All the Pops are designed by the wonderful Richard Ferguson. Quite simply the world’s best paper engineer. See more of his work here:

Soon I will post more pictures, but in the meantime, it can be pre-ordered from Amazon:

Pop-Up London will be published by Walker Books on October the 1st 2011

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Pop Up London!

Tomorrow, I’m off up The London Eye to celebrate the launch of all things London with Walker Books!
We’re nearly ready to go to press, the final dummy is being made as I write and once approved it’s full steam ahead for publication in September.
Also in production are four new themed sets of Clothes Plasters, so much to show! As soon as I have samples I will post them up for all to see…
Until then, wish me luck in my heights and tights high above the capital!

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Pop-Up London

Nearly there… Just putting the finishing touches to what has been the most involved pop up book I’ve worked on so far… we decided to add a few elements of humour and ‘Jennie -isms’ at the eleventh hour, but ever the perfectionists, Walker Books kindly agreed (thank you!)

I am waiting for the definitive dummy to photograph to show in a post I am preparing in awe of the fabulous Richard Ferguson, whose genius is unrivalled in the world of paper engineering. See more of his work here:

Once the artwork and hand lettering goes off to the printers I can then start working on my new Clothes Plasters designs and… a brand new project that’s just too exciting! As soon as I am allowed I will tell all and of course, show sneaky previews…

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Top Secret!

And finally… after what started as an idea whilst walking on a beach, 5 years ago (!) the book is about to be proofed…

Not published until Oct 6th, but just wanted to give you a very sneaky preview of the artwork. It’s graphic, linear and cleaner, it’s really different from anything I have ever done.

A lengthy and at times really blinkin’ difficult, process.

Also written by me, so endless research. I was very privileged to be able to spend a morning trawling through Peter Ackroid’s collection of London books for inspiration and was accompanied by my dear friend (and Peter’s assistant) Nicholas Robertson, on a walk along the Thames on the only sunny day last Spring.

As ever, the fabulous Jenny Jacoby, the most patient editor in the world, was insightful and knowledgeable (what doesn’t that girl know?!) and Paula Mcdonald worked wonders on photoshop, it was a pleasure to work with them both.

I will when I am permitted show more.. but I am not the patient type! XX