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Top Secret!

And finally… after what started as an idea whilst walking on a beach, 5 years ago (!) the book is about to be proofed…

Not published until Oct 6th, but just wanted to give you a very sneaky preview of the artwork. It’s graphic, linear and cleaner, it’s really different from anything I have ever done.

A lengthy and at times really blinkin’ difficult, process.

Also written by me, so endless research. I was very privileged to be able to spend a morning trawling through Peter Ackroid’s collection of London books for inspiration and was accompanied by my dear friend (and Peter’s assistant) Nicholas Robertson, on a walk along the Thames on the only sunny day last Spring.

As ever, the fabulous Jenny Jacoby, the most patient editor in the world, was insightful and knowledgeable (what doesn’t that girl know?!) and Paula Mcdonald worked wonders on photoshop, it was a pleasure to work with them both.

I will when I am permitted show more.. but I am not the patient type! XX

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