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Sneaky Preview!

After nearly two years of (often quite gruesome!) research and my most lifelike ‘colouring in’, the Body Book is finally finished! Hurrah!
I have loved working on it. I’ve learned so much! Like that the skin on your ear grows out like a conveyor belt and that no-one really knows why we have appendix…
I was helped hugely by the good fortune of knowing so many medics! From catching a quick coffee at school with a brain surgeon, to countless teas, with my good friends/neighbours who are both eye surgeons. I even had the privilege of drawing from life (hmmm, ironic turn of phrase there…) at Southampton University Hospital; the lungs,skeleton, eye and brain section were all done as a result of time spent with the most wonderful and helpful woman (Claire Smith) head of Anatomy, who also kindly proofed the finished version for me.
Was also my first pop-up book with Walker. So grateful for having Jenny Jacoby as my editor and Paula MacDonald as the designer, so excited to be working with them.
Anyway, it’s out Sept 1st this year, so watch this space!!