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How it works

  • Jennie guides you through the creation of your own stunning masterpieces using her tried and tested ‘cheats’ and tricks!
  • A new module is released every 2 weeks along with detailed instructions, printable transfers and reference sheets. Each module has it’s own video walkthrough.
  • There is no order, no beginning (and no end!). Just jump right in to ANY MODULES. Choose the ones you are really drawn to.
  • Along the way you will gain knowledge of all the different materials, from acrylics to fine-liners, from collage to watercolours. A new technique or skill is introduced with each module.
  • Suitable for ALL ages and ALL abilities. (Really really!)


Read a recent full article in The Guardian about Sketchbook Club here: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/aug/08/drawn-to-success-how-to-bring-out-your-inner-artist
And a lovely piece about Jennie and Sketchbook Club in The Telegraph here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/good-news/seven-seas/jennie-maizels-sketchbook-club/

Can’t stop - it’s so incredibly relaxing. Was nervous of this one so only did one page but I love it so I’ll make another! Am v bad at the writing but I don’t mind. My favourite part of the whole thing is the tiny chilli (bottom right!) Will find a white gel pen today. I feel this will magically fix everything writing-related 😂 #highhopes #sketchbookclubpackaging ...

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Saturday afternoon playtime! #sketchbookclubwashingline #sketchbookclub #notapropersketchbook ...

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#sketchbookclubnaturetable Really enjoyed the watercolour/colour pencil combination ...

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My Sketchbook Club w.i.p...using Gouache on black card is really rather lovely! ...

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Foraging! Now’s the time! So I thought I’d reintroduce you to the #sketchbookclubNatureTable module, it’s a lovely little film (filmed by the amazing @danmroland) and includes a brilliant (even though I say so myself!) watercolour tutorial (& it’s only £4!!) Up on the website (& YouTube channel) now... Happy foraging! #sketchbookclub 🍁 🍂💕 ...

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More painting and another jenniemaizels sketchbookclub module to inspire us before we go out for a walk. Today we have painted a washing line #sketchbookclub #sketchbookclubwashingline ...

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This is my first attempt at one of jenniemaizels Sketchbook Club pictures and I love it! I found it so absorbing and easy to follow but the best thing is that it's inspired me to get my pencils and paints out again and have a go at my own compositions. Thank you Jennie for that inspiration 😊🥰 .
#sketchbookclubbees #jenniemaizels #illustration #watercolours #bees #lockdownart #beehives

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Teatime! This time, this was just me me me doing some lovely art, nothing to do with my children. Thank you jenniemaizels for a fab tutorial and this is my #sketchbookclubteatime creation! I enjoyed every minute of this, did it over a few sessions. Was great fun building up all the different elements of my #teatime picture, using a mix of #watercolor #collage #drawing and lots of cutting and sticking! Good #arttherapy for me during #lockdown #lockdownart #sketchbookclub ...

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Module three of #sketchbookclub done! I've surprised myself with just how much I'm enjoying doing this - it's proper 'me time'. .
#jenniemaizels #sketchbook #drawing #painting #goache #colouringpencils #washing #washingline #sketchbookclubwashingline #jenssketchbookclub

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What a nice way to spend an hour or two on this rainy afternoon.

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Have you tried the #sketchbookclubjewels module yet? It's so satisfying painting on velvety black! 🙂 👑🔹🔸🔺♦️👏🏼💕 ...

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Finally completed my #sketchbookclubnaturetable spread a lovely way to celebrate the start of autumn. Thanks jenniemaizels for the inspiration x ...

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Today’s upload is the swirly doodley storm in a teacup. This one was great as a mindful meditation activity. Plus anyone who knows me would knows I am a tea fiend, so this was the perfect #sketchbookclub. Especially missing escaping to cafés at the moment!
#doodle #collage #sketchbookclubteacups jenniemaizels #maternityleave #cuppa

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#wip at #Sketchbookclub Fantastic concentration going on! ...

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I adore this by sarah_mac_1 so detailed and so neat 👏👏 ...

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The end results! One of my favourite. @Sketchbookclub sessions today. Amazing work kids! 👏👏👏 ...

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My lovely goddaughter at Sketchbook Club last month.

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