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How it works

  • Jennie guides you through the creation of your own stunning masterpieces using her tried and tested ‘cheats’ and tricks!
  • A new module is released every 2 weeks along with detailed instructions, printable transfers and reference sheets. Each module has it’s own video walkthrough.
  • There is no order, no beginning (and no end!). Just jump right in to ANY MODULES. Choose the ones you are really drawn to.
  • Along the way you will gain knowledge of all the different materials, from acrylics to fine-liners, from collage to watercolours. A new technique or skill is introduced with each module.
  • Suitable for ALL ages and ALL abilities. (Really really!)


Read a recent full article in The Guardian about Sketchbook Club here: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/aug/08/drawn-to-success-how-to-bring-out-your-inner-artist
And a lovely piece about Jennie and Sketchbook Club in The Telegraph here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/good-news/seven-seas/jennie-maizels-sketchbook-club/

Evening all! I joined Jennie Maizels incredible sketchbookclub a few days ago. Tonight I made a start on my Houses module. It’s so absorbing and such fun! Jenny would have loved this! Anyway, I’ll show you my progress over the next few days. It’s brilliant if you’re scared of the blank paper, or if you’ve lost your confidence or if you want to just relax and enjoy! Jennie has set up this wonderful online course. It’s very reasonably priced and you can do it with your children! I’m a big fan! And moomaloom knew about it and hadn’t told me!!!! She’s on a verbal warning!!!! 😂😍😂(not really) (I love her too much) xxxxx#littleboxofcrochet #sketchbookclubhouses #notsolittleboxofcrochet #sketchbookclub ...

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Finally had time to finish the #sketchbookclubpottingshed module! #sketchbookclub #sketchbookclubonline ...

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sketchbookclub #sketchbookclubteatime inspired #mothersday card for my mum. Hope she likes it... ...

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The last module of #sketchbookclub is #sketchbookclubbugs which I really enjoyed. Looking forward to sketchbook club 2! ...

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Aaaahh! The first NEW #Sketchbookclub module is UP!! Link in bio for the downloads/instructions etc. It’s one of my all time favourites and so nice to do. Don’t forget to hashtag #SketchbookclubPackaging (I’ll share my favourites here & on @sketchbookclub) SO EXCITED to see your masterpieces!! xxxx Jennie ...

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Alfie and I have started sketchbookclub again - yay! Here are our bugs - Alf hasn't finished his jungle background yet. Loved using the tissue paper. #sketchbookclubbugs #AlfieMDArt #jenniemaizels #sketchbookclub ...

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Learning how to doodle & sketch teacups with jenniemaizels 😍 I got a long way to go 😬 but loving this a whole lot 💗💗💗
#sketchbookclubteacups #doodle #teacups #sketching #doodlingart #craftastherapy

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All of the #sketchbookclub doodle cups were amazing!! Beautiful work everyone!! 👏🏼👏🏼☕️✏️💕 ...

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Wow! Another stunning piece of work by charlotteelighter Just look at this #sketchbookclubpackaging How gorgeous?! This one has a great #handlettering cheat too! (Shhh) 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #sketchbookclub ...

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#sketchbookclubnaturetable loved using watercolours! #sketchbookclub last one of my holiday, must try and keep going when I get home... ...

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EXCITING NEWS!!! Over on our new YouTube channel - A FREE #Sketchbookclub watercolour tutorial!! Plus printouts and instructions on my blog! Can't wait to see/share your creations, remember to tag it: #sketchbookclubnaturetable 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ...

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Had fun with the jenniemaizels #sketchbookclubhouses online course. It's a bit blurred in the middle as the room is so sunny which is great after yesterday's rain! ...

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My second attempt at the washing lines, this time with gouache and colour pencils. I found using the paints quite tricky to get a neat line, more practice needed. #kellyfairysketchbook #sketchbookclub

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Made a little spring #sketchbookclub nature table page, it didn’t seem right to do the Autumn one just now. I stated ages ago and it was weird coming back to it after a few weeks. sketchbookclub #sketchbookclubnaturetable #jenniemaizels ...

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