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Sketchbook Club Day



Product Description

Jennie holds regular all day Sketchbook Club workshops from her beautiful studio near Winchester (only 1 hour from Waterloo) in Hampshire (UK).

These run from 10am to 4pm.

Imagine the pure, unadulterated pleasure of spending a whole day creating beautiful Sketchbook pages.

Jennie guides you through 4-5 spreads and supplies you with reference and instructions to create more pages at home, allowing you to fully complete a sketchbook which you can be enormously proud of.

Friendships are formed, wine and a delicious lunch (smoked salmon sandwiches and home made cakes) is served and all feels right with the world.

It is a hugely rewarding experience, where you will not only relax with the calming activity of drawing, but you will also learn new skills about different materials and discover Jennie’s clever ‘cheats’, tips and tricks. Jennie guides each person individually, teaching techniques and offering support and advice.

There is space for up to 16 people.